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You will find what you need with AAP Automation. Whether it’s a single part or fulfillment of a complex application and assembly, you can rely on us.

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      piSAVE products function to save energy and enhance your vacuum system performance, either at the suction cup or at the vacuum source.

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    • Special Products


      Our piSAVE products are a group of products that has as a function to save energy in various applications.

      The piSAVE products enhance an existing vacuum system; either at the suction cup or at the vacuum source


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    • Featured Product

      SY Valves - From SMC


      The new SY Valve series allows you to cover all needed flow rates and functions with one valve series.  All standard Industrial Field-bus are available….most from stock.  Single valves and assemblies are available from AAP stock in days.


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    • Reference

      Parker Xpress ProductsParker

      Parker is committed to reducing the largest Cost in any project – the development time and effort. The Xpress family achieves this by brining new levels of ease of use, intuitive development and by dramatically reducing any duplication of effort.


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