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Bosch: Everything to Build Anything

As the creator of structural aluminum extrusions for manufacturing, Bosch has had many decades to refine and improve their product.  Most customers will agree that once you use Bosch extrusion, there is little reason to look elsewhere.  This is why Bosch-Rexroth is the largest Global supplier of extrusion product.


From simple sheAssembly Stationlves and tables, to complex production lines, there are very few limitations to what you can build.

Bosch Assembly LineAlong with Bosch-Rexroth’s GOTO program, AAP is going one step further with our Quick Ship program. Making it easier than ever for customers to get started immediately on their next project, or to modify what they have already started.

Quick Ship means you can have the basic building blocks for an attractive and sturdy design in 24-48 hours….or even same day if required.



You can purchase by the millimeter and have AAP process at our Colorado Facility, or purchase by Stick or Bundle and process it yourself.

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Or, have AAP design and fabricate your entire project, and let us bring it to you with our own delivery truck.

Call us and let us know you’d like to start your new project…today at 303-778-0800

Or attach a drawing, photo, or CAD design to an email and send to us here…Start My Project

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