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Machine Builders and End Users alike can benefit from a secure connection to equipment in remote locations and in the factory.

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Imagine being able to monitor your equipment, download the latest program, or trouble shoot errors without the expense and delay of travel of service personnel.




Build a web portal HMI  into your equipment to monitor up-time, through-put and error logs using a secure connection on your PC’s or Tablet’s browser.



Connect to your equipment via LAN, Wireless (Wifi), or GSM (cellular) connection.  You no longer need to depend on a local PC with easily hacked presentation software such as TeamViewer to gain access to your equipment. MB Connect is tested continuously by a 3rd party web security system and certified.  No other product on the market does this.

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Anyone can create a sophisticated secure connection, you do not have to be an IT professional or Network Manager in order to get talking to a machine in minutes.  Contact us today and start speaking M2M.

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