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Generally the words “solution provider” gets thrown around pretty often. At AAP, we would rather think of ourselves as an Engineering or Logistics resource. Using the world-class products from our strategic partners, we can help support the engineering process in machine design, software systems, and delivery of product or assembly.

ManufacturerProductWebsite Address
Motion ControllersProduct Website
PLC's and MotionProduct Website
Servo DrivesProduct Website
Intelligent DrivesProduct Website
Servo MotorsProduct Website
Stepper MotorsProduct Website
AC asynchronous motorsProduct Website
AC Inverter DrivesProduct Website
HMIsProduct Website
Integrated Motor & Drive solutionProduct Website
Linear MotorsProduct Website
CNC ControllersProduct Website
Motion Control-Controller and DriveProduct Website
PLCsProduct Website
Resistance Welding SystemsProduct Website
Servo DrivesProduct Website
Servo MotorsProduct Website
Spindle MotorsProduct Website
Tightening & Press Fit systemsProduct Website
Torque MotorsProduct Website
Copley ControlsOverall Stepper and Servo ProductProduct Website
EtherCat & CAN Servo DrivesProduct Website
Stepper DrivesProduct Website
EtherCat & CAN Stepper DrivesProduct Website
Ruggedized Servo DrivesProduct Website
Integrated Motors and ControlProduct Website
LinMot-Logo-Out-RegEasy to use Linear MotorsProduct Website
HeidenhainExposed Linear EncodersProduct Website
Sealed Linear EncodersProduct Website
Rotary EncodersProduct Website
High Accuracy Angle EncodersProduct Website
Length GuagesProduct Website
logo_smcPart ConfiguratorVisit Page
Rod Style ActuatorsProduct Website
Rodless ActuatorsProduct Website
Rotary ActuatorsProduct Website
Electric GrippersProduct Website
Linear Card MotorProduct Website
Servo Drives & MotorsProduct Website
AC Inverter DrivesProduct Website
AC Vector DrivesProduct Website
Rotary EncodersProduct Website
Motion Control SystemsProduct Website
HMIsProduct Website
PLCsProduct Website
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