Benchtop Chemical Chiller

HED-W, Thermoelectric Chiller for Chemicals (Controller / Heat Exchanger Combination)
The HED-W is a specialty recirculating chiller designed for direct temperature control of chemical liquids in the 300 to 750 watt capacity range. The device consists of a controller and separate fluororesin heat exchanger. A refrigerant-free, thermoelectric peltier element controls temperature with precision of ±0.1°C. Extracted heat can be removed via facility water connection. This…
HED-H, Liquid Chemical Heat Exchanger
The HED-H is the heat exchanger component of the HED-W thermoelectric chiller for chemicals. The peltier element regulates the temperature of liquid chemical passing through the heat exchanger. Facility water connections are included in this unit. Wetted part materials include fluororesin 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. Select this model if you require a…
HED-C, Controller for Thermoelectric Chiller
The HED-C is the controller component of the HED-W thermoelectric chiller. The controller includes a fan-cooled DC power supply, the control electronics, an operation display and keypad, and the power switch. Select this model if you require a replacement controller. This is not a stand-alone device.
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