Solenoid Valves - Direct Operated

SMC offers Direct Operated Solenoid Valve in 3 port, 4 port, 5 port and suitable for vacuum and copper free application. Direct acting solenoid valve provides high speed, lightweight and high flow performance. The valve will operate at pressures from 0 psi to rated maximum pressure and can be configured as stand alone or in manifold base. 

Series S070 is a super compact direct acting 2/3 port solenoid valve that meets the miniaturization needs of analyzers, medical equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. S070 is extremely lightweight (5g for valve single unit type) and operation noise is 38dB(A) or less. It is easy to increase or decrease the number of stations (stacking base). Valve…
The VK series is available as 3 and 5 port solenoid, direct poppet, rubber seal valve. It meets copper free specifications as all parts in contact with fluids are made of non-copper materials. A compact valve (width 18 x length 68mm), the VK series is available in a body ported or base mounted style.
VQD1000 series 4 port, direct operated, poppet solenoid valve offers large flow capacity in a compact, lightweight body. Vacuum applications (up to -100kPa) are possible. Components of the VQD1000 valves that are in contact with fluid are all copper free. The VQD series offers a remarkably quick and stable response time.
Customers looking for a compact, light-weight, high flow valve for piloting process valves or actuator applications, need search no longer.  SMC's series V100 is one of the most advanced solenoid valves in today’s market.  The standard V100 uses only 0.35w, which is 76% less than comparable valves.  The low power model uses only 0.1w, reflecting dramatic savings of up…
The VV061 series is a direct operated 3-way solenoid valve designed for 4 and 8 station units with integrated compact manifold, valve, circuit board, base and fittings forming a single compact unit.  VV061 series model has an optional power saving circuit that can be used for long-term continuous duty.  This unit is available with one-touch or…
Series VT 3 port, direct operated poppet valves are compact in size, yet provide large flow capacity, and low power consumption.  The series is suitable for use in vacuum applications.  The VT valve is a single valve with 6 functions (universal porting type) such as N.C. valve, N.O. valve, divider valve, selector valve, etc.  The…
Series VV100 is suitable for both direct or bracket mounting and can also accommodate various piping sizes including our miniature 2mm one-touch fittings. Energy saving has also been considered as individual valves can be ordered with a power saving circuit as each valve can be manually turned off, safe maintenance is guaranteed.
Developed with high performance, SMC's series SX10 2 port high speed valve is compact and lightweight. The SX10 also has a low power consumption 4W, high frequency 1200Hz, and two mounting types. The SX 10 can also reduce installation labor with the use of the quick disconnect type mount. The SX10 series is RoHS compliant.
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