Static Control

Bar Ionizers
By neutralizing static electricity, our IZS bar style Ionizer prevents damage to work pieces caused by sticking. Static charge removal time can be reduced with an optional sensor that directly senses charge  allowing the removal of static electricity at high speed (0.3s) by generating the appropriate ion polarity. Needle cartridges can be replaced quickly to…
Nozzle Ionizers
SMC offers two industrial static control options for compact or confined target treatment areas.  The IZN Nozzle Ionizer is a palm-sized, self-contained static control device with a cable for PLC I/O and power supply connections.  The IZT43 pairs a smaller ionizing head with separate power supply and control modules, for even more confined applications up…
Fan Ionizers
Unlike bar or nozzle types, this fan ionizer does not require a pneumatic air supply.  The fan draws in ambient air, then ionizes the air with four electrodes located around the perimeter of the discharge  grill.  The fan can be wired into a 24VDC machine power supply, or use the optional 120V AC adapter.  The…
SMC offers products for detecting static in your applications.  If you have numerous areas that are prone to generating static, the IZH10 handheld electrostatic meter is a useful tool to diagnose the presence  and intensity of electrostatic fields before solutions are implemented. Once ionizers have been deployed, this mobile device can also be used to…
Desktop Duster Box
The ZVB is a cleaning device for small and medium parts sensitive to static and static-induced dust adhesion. The Ion Box combines three functions - static neutralization, dust removal, and dust collection. Operation begins when a part enters the box and is detected by a photoelectronic sensor. Static removal and vacuum dust collection begin immediately,…
Fittings & Tubing
Antistatic fitting and tubing is made from a conductive resin is making them ideal for high static environments.
Anti-static suction cups are available in conductive NBR or anti-static urethane. The urethane pad surface resistance 109 to 1011Ω. Anti-static vacuum pad attachment is made from a conductive PEEK material
Ionizer Gun
The IZG combines a compressed air blow gun with an AC ion stream for static treatment during manual operations.  The IZG is fully loaded with fatigue reducing and energy saving functions.
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